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Intermediate Resistance Training Program

Don't have time to be in the gym more than 3 times per week?  Love taking fitness classes or going on runs?  Then this program is for you.  These 3 resistance training workouts are perfect for the person who wants to make some strength and muscle gains without spending too much time in the gym, and for the person who wants to keep resistance training while still enjoying other exercise modalities like running, yoga and spin classes.  

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Bodybuilding Program: 5 Workouts per Week

Looking for an intense program to help you put on quality size and strength?  Then this is for you.  This bodybuilding type program is designed to strengthen and overload your muscles with each workout to provide you with the stimulus needed for the fastest muscle gains.  I only recommend this program to the person who's committed to hitting the gym hard about 5 times per week and who can live with some intense soreness every once in a while.  If that sounds like you, then check it out! 

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Entry Level Beginner Program

New to resistance training?  Looking to burn fat and build muscle?  Intimidated by the free-weight lifting meat head types at your gym?  Then this program is perfect for you.  Check out my machine based exercise program that's perfect for beginner level lifters and anyone who isn't quite comfortable in the gym yet.  

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