Intermediate Resistance Training Program

Is This Program For You?

This program features three resistance training workouts designed to build strength and muscle.  I designed this program with two types of people in mind.  

  1. The person who wants to get into resistance training but can't be hitting the gym 4, 5, or 6 times a week.  
  2. The person who likes a variety of exercise modalities but wants to make sure they're always getting a solid, resistance training base.  

If you're the first type, this program sets you up for 3 intense workouts per week.  You won't be spending hours and hours in the gym, but you'll still be reaping the benefits of an intense resistance training program.  This program will also serve as an excellent introduction to working with free weights.  

If you're the second type, these 3 workouts can be mixed between cardio sessions, exercise classes, sports games, etc. to insure you're making strength and muscle gains while keeping active with other forms of exercise.  A word of caution though.  These workouts are taxing on the muscular system, so keep that in mind when planning your week of workouts.  Wouldn't want to have really sore shoulders while holding downward dog and doing arm balances in a yoga class for an hour!  Thankfully, this program is broken down by muscle group so you can be strategic about what will be sore and tired for the days following a resistance training workout.  

The Intermediate Resistance Training Program

Warm Up and Cool Down Stretch