Entry Level Beginner Program

Is This Beginner Level Program Right For You?

This workout program is designed for the person who's just getting started with resistance training and still isn't quite ready to pick up the free weights.  By including a decent amount of cardio work, this program is ideal for the beginner who wants to lose some body fat and replace it with muscle.  This program's emphasis on machine work makes it very beginner friendly and perfect for building a strength base.  Likewise, this program is very "female friendly" as you won't need to spend time around the meat head dudes in the free weight area and performing the machine based exercises isn't likely to create a feeling of self consciousness.  

There are 3 Workouts in This Program: 

  • Full Body Push with Cardio
  • Cardio, Core, and Stretching
  • Fully Body Pull with Cardio 

These 3 workouts can be performed on back to back days depending on soreness levels.  However, I'd recommend taking a day off from the gym after the Full Body Push, Full Body Pull or both days.  Remember, your muscles grow outside of the gym, so it's imperative to give them time to recover.  

Workout #1: Cardio & 'Push' Lift

Workout #2: Cardio, Abs, & Active Rest

Workout #3: Cardio & Pull Lift

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