Martin Seligman's Flourish argues that Positive Psychology, not pharmaceuticals, is the solution to the depression epidemic.  Well-being isn't simply the absence of sadness, it's a measurable and trainable set of positive behaviors.  Explore Seligman's arguments in support of Positive Psychology and see how learning to be optimistic is the driver or happiness and human flourishing.  

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The Social Conquest of Earth

Edward O. Wilson's masterful exploration of the human predicament leaves us with answers to the biggest questions we can ask: Are we innately good or bad?  Where do we come from?  What is morality?  Was man made in the image of god?  Or was god made in the image of man?

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The Marshmallow Test

Why Self-Control is The Engine Of Success.  Self-Control is a learnable and trainable set of cognitive skills.  Explore the developmental roots of self control and see how it's possible to take far greater control of your circumstances.  Walter Mischel's book is incredibly important and seriously relevant.  

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High Society
The Art of Living: Vipassana Meditation
How to Win Friends and Influence People
King Warrior Magician Lover